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Great Podcast!

Great host with plenty of good topics and good for vets or newbies.

Privacy Education in a sensored world

I am loving your podcasts and so thankful to have found you. After listening to your show on mobile privacy I bought a google pixel 3, put on my inner nerd and got calyxos operation on it. Absolutely loving the ease of use of this system and the fact that the battery lasts days even when listening to podcasts during the day. Thank you for your podcasts -- can't wait to hear what your next guests have to say.

Seth for privacy education ! Mic level up

Valuable interviews, information, and insights into tools I didn’t know exist. If you like tech lore podcast, this goes hand in hand. This is an interesting subject matter that everyday people think about, but don’t always speak about. [the mic levels are too low and should be turned up - Seth sounds like he is trying to have a private conversation in an office]