How do I define a simple threat model?

To dig a little deeper into the concept of threat models without getting too daunting, I broke them down into two general camps.

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How do iOS and de-Googled Android (like @CalyxOS) compare in security and privacy?

@maxtannahill breaks down why de-Googled Android brings the best of both worlds from iOS and Android to you, the user.

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How should I think about my own privacy needs?

Listen in here as @maxtannahil explains why protecting yourself against drag-net surveillance is well within your reach.

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Wanting to learn more about mobile privacy, but not sure where to start? This episode, we sat down with Max Tannahill to chat about mobile OSs, surveillance, and cryptocurrency.

More about Max:

Mamushi, a CalyxOS Pixel retailer --
Max's Twitter --…

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This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with Henry from Techlore to chat about digital minimalism, privacy education, and some of the tools and projects that Henry recommends for taking back control of our privacy and data in an ever increasing world of data capture, tracking, and sharing.


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This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with k3tan to chat about privacy, self-hosting, and some of his favorite tools.

More about k3tan:

k3tan's blog --
k3tan's Twitter --
Blog post on restarting your digital identity --…

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Why should I write down or share the things I'm learning about privacy with others?

k3tan shares how helpful writing down what you're learning and sharing with others can help you to hone your own understanding of topics in ways you simply can't outside of educating.

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June 24, 2021

Welcome to Opt Out

Welcome to Opt Out!

I hope you enjoy this short intro which I’m using to introduce the podcast and go ahead and get it published across all major platforms in preparation for our first episode on 6/1.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to subscribe on your favorite app or to the RSS feed at https:…

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So I want to become more private, but what are some practical steps I can take? Where do I start?

Listen to k3tan give his guidance on some practical steps you can take to improve over time.

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So you want to start using FOSS, but how do you vet each project and tool? One of the best ways is to start with software recommended by people you trust around you.

And if you're not sure -- ask in other FOSS-centric communities!

Listen to @_k3tan and I chat about that here.

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Why is FOSS important, and why choose to use it over closed-source software?

k3tan dives in here, breaking down why it matters, what you can do with FOSS, and how you can contribute back.

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k3tan hits on an aspect of privacy education that is often missed — the more people using privacy-preserving tools and approaches, the better privacy *you* get.

Education not only helps out others around you, it can drastically improve your own privacy.

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Another great clip from my chat with Henry from
Techlore came near the beginning of the episode, where Henry focused on the need for each of us to take responsibility for privacy *personally*.

Give it a listen, and dive into the full episode if you like what you hear!

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Another good soundbite I wanted to share from my episode with Henry from Techlore is a short clip on the importance of viewing privacy as a journey, something you hack away at one step at a time.

Important to get in good community to help drive and encourage, too!

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One of my favorite topics discussed with Henry from
Techlore in episode one of Opt Out was on the subject of "digital minimalism", something that doesn't often get brought up in the privacy space.

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