Coreboot, FOSS firmware, Pop_OS!, and System76 w/ Jeremy Soller

Have you been thinking about switching to Linux for your daily driver, or wondering what Coreboot or open-source firmware are? This episode, we're sitting down with Jeremy Soller to chat about System76, the company that makes my laptop (among others) and are behind Pop_OS!, a user-friendly Linux distribution.

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0:38 Jeremy introduces himself
2:36 What is right-to-repair, and why is it a core tenet of System76?
7:26 How does something like the Framework laptop compare to System76?
11:01 Would you mind breaking down what Coreboot is, and why it and open EC firmware are such key aspects of System76 laptops?
20:30 Is a TPM a core part of System76 laptops?
22:50 Are users able to easily validate the firmware on their laptops after receiving them?
28:46 How does the security approach of System76 laptop's compare to something like Purism?
29:39 How does System76 approach international sales?
30:59 Is any special configuration or firmware/driver install necessary or optimal when running a different distro?
34:21 What is Pop_OS!, and who is it geared towards?
39:46 Why is Ubuntu the base for Pop_OS!?
46:27 Is there anything in particular in store for Pop_OS! that you'd like to share?
48:39 What can listeners do to help support System76 and the development of Pop_OS!?
51:00 What's something you love about System76 that people may not expect?
52:34 If you were given the budget to develop a new product, what gadget or appliance would you make open hardware next (that isn't just another computer or keyboard)?
55:59 Are there any particular tools outside of System76 or Pop_OS! that you recommend privacy-conscious listeners look into?
57:29 What are System76s plans for cryptocurrency acceptance?
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