Digital identity, FOSS, and self-hosting w/ k3tan

This week, I got the pleasure of sitting down with k3tan to chat about privacy, self-hosting, and some of his favorite tools.

More about k3tan:

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k3tan's recommended tools to "opt out":

Nextcloud, a self-hosted storage, contacts, calendar, and much more FOSS app --
FreeTube, a desktop privacy-preserving YouTube client --
Privacy Redirect, a browser extension for redirecting to privacy-preserving tools --
pfSense, a FOSS router OS --
Other tools mentioned:

Pop_OS!, an easy to use Linux OS --
Plexus, app recommendations and support info for de-Googled Android --
TimeShift, a Linux backup solution --
Invidious, a privacy-preserving YouTube front-end --
This week's project to help you Opt Out - CalyxOS:

More about CalyxOS --
k3tan's recommended apps for CalyxOS --
My thoughts on CalyxOS and app recommendations --
BitcoinQnA guide to installing CalyxOS --
Mamushi, a reseller that will flash CalyxOS for you, accepts Bitcoin/Monero --
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