Mobile OS privacy, drag-net surveillance, and cryptocurrency usage w/ Max Tannahill

Wanting to learn more about mobile privacy, but not sure where to start? This episode, we sat down with Max Tannahill to chat about mobile OSs, surveillance, and cryptocurrency.

More about Max:

Mamushi, a CalyxOS Pixel retailer --
Max's Twitter --
Blog post on migrating Mamushi from CopperheadOS to CalyxOS --
Ministry of Nodes --
Max's recommended tools to Opt Out:

Nextcloud, a self-hosted storage, contacts, calendar, and much more FOSS app --
Telegram, an encrypted (if using secret chats) messenger --
Threema, an end-to-end encrypted messenger, similar to Signal --
ProtonMail, an encrypted and private email service --
Bitcoin, via Samourai Wallet, a privacy-preserving Android wallet --
Monero, a privacy-preserving cryptocurrency --
Pop_OS!, an easy to use Linux OS --
This week's project to help you Opt Out - Standard Notes:

Standard Notes website --
Extended Features --
Github --
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