PGP, Bitcoin, and Yunohost w/ Diverter

Ever wondered how you can easily self-host tools, or thought about hosting tools for friends or family to use? This episode, we're sitting down Diverter to chat about his favorite hosting solution, Yunohost, the importance of hosting tools for friends, family, and online communities as "Uncle Jim", and where Bitcoin fits into his toolkit.

More about Diverter:

Diverter's guest profile --
As easy as P, G, P --
Becoming "Uncle Jim" --
Protecting Your Bitcoin Identity (BANB2020 Presentation) --

Diverter's recommended tools to Opt Out:

Bitwarden, a FOSS password manager --
Standard Notes, an encrypted-by-default notes app that is free and open-source --
Open Keychain, a PGP key management app (Android-only) --
Signal, an easy-to-use end-to-end encrypted messenger --
Threema, an end-to-end encrypted messenger, similar to Signal --
TesserCubeDV, a keyboard with integrated PGP support (Android-only) --

This week's project to help you Opt Out - Nitter:

More info on Nitter (Github) --
A list of public instances --
Diverter's Nitter instance --
Fritter, an Android app for using Nitter --

Supporting Opt Out:

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