Transitioning to Linux and CalyxOS w/ Chris Blec

NOTE: Apologies for the audio issues in this one, there was packet loss on Chris's side that only was apparent once we finished. If you have questions about a specific question please email me at or reach out on Twitter and I'll do my best to clarify it!

Wondering what it's like to take the dive and switch to Linux and CalyxOS at once? How does the recent push for vaccine mandates impact our journey towards privacy? This episode, we're sitting down with Chris Blec to chat about his journey to Linux and CalyxOS, security and privacy in cryptocurrency, our thoughts on the privacy implications of vaccine mandates, and much more.

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1:18 Chris Blec introduces himself
7:08 What was it that woke you up to the need for personal privacy?
10:26 What about privacy makes it such an important topic for you today?
16:52 What is a common myth about personal privacy you've run into?
23:26 The need for privacy in cryptocurrencies
26:42 What are the key privacy issues to you with government mandated vaccine passports?
43:00 A shout out to Opt Out's sponsors
44:35 What have been the bright spots and pain points for you of switching to Linux?
1:04:45 What was the final nudge to switch to CalyxOS, and how has that process been for you?
1:10:12 What advice would you give someone wanting to transition to CalyxOS?
1:12:13 What are some of the other tools you use regularly to opt out that you’d recommend others take a look at? Why?
1:17:29 What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to realize the need for personal privacy?
1:23:17 This weeks project to help you Opt Out - Teddit